Lithium Chile has one of the largest lithium exploration portfolios in Chile, which currently comprises 134,200 hectares in fifteen properties. Acquisition and exploration began in April 2016. Geochemical programs are complete, geophysics is underway, and the company is targeting 2018 for initial resource estimates on up to two projects.

Chile has the world’s largest, high-grade lithium reserves and lowest-cost lithium production. It is also investor-friendly, with one of the world’s most streamlined mining codes, facilitating low-cost acquisition and rapid exploration.

Lithium Properties

Property Salar Belt Hectares
Nortel Andean 4,500
Coipasa Andean 11,300
Pintadas N Central Valley 33,100
Pintadas S Central Valley 35,000
Llamara Central Valley 7,900
Ollague Andean 2,200
Carcote Andean 1,200
Ascotan Andean 1,500
Turi Pre-Andean 7,600
Atacama Pre-Andean 5,600
Helados Andean 16,800
Los Morros Pre-Andean 1,700
Marioposas Pre-Andean 1,200
Talar/Capur Andean 3,500
Aguilar Andean 1,100